I just bought this beautiful camper. It's on a permanent site. There are currently no noticeable leaks, surprisingly, except for a small hole in a roof vent.

If this was a nice camper I'd be using other stuff, but what would be a cheap and easy product to use on the roof to go over some questionable areas? I had one camper before that was worse than this one and i used to get a bucket of black roofing tar and just gloop over the whole roof, it kind of worked but not the best.

As for the hole in the roof vent I'm going to stick a chunk of plastic on it today with some caulking and see what happens.

This camper will never be on the road again. It'll either stay in my ownership until it gets scrapped or will be sold to another permanent renter at the campground. It's been here at least a decade and would take too much work to be roadworthy. I know it's basically junk, just wanted a place to stay here and this was available. Can't have anything nice at this spot, theft is a major problem. Most all renters just leave everything unlocked and don't leave valuables inside, myself included, because if you lock the doors they'll get kicked in.


You could fill in the holes with foam board and expanding foam then use a rubber bed liner meant for trucks to seal the roof. If this is something you don’t want to spend money on and is still structurally solid this is probably your best bet.


You could try patching the hole with some Eternabond tape. It’s not exactly cheap, but it’s quick and easy and apparently does a great job.


If the hole is just in the flip-up roof vent cover, you can buy a whole replacement cover on Amazon for around $20. I’ve replaced a couple of them on my rig that have been broken by UV cracking and falling pine cones.

For roof sealing, you can repair any lifted edges or punctures with eternabond tape, and then coat the whole roof with white elastomeric roof coating. Do at least 2 coats, and re-coat every 1-2 years.


OP here, just wanted to add that there is no water available at the site so I can’t wash the camper at the moment. I plan on getting a barrel system soon but not for at least a few weeks.

Also wanted to add that it’s surprisingly solid. No soft spots I could find in the floor or walls.


I’d light it on fire.


This just sounds so bad from start to finish. Awful camper with holes and no water.
Thefts and doors getting kicked in.
Sounds like a peaceful campground.


Time for the flex seal tape and paint on goo. I used that combo on a trailer I was going to trade in but still needed to live in for about 6 more months of on-the-road work. Washed it clean, let it dry, taped seams and joints, then painted over any possibly questionable middle bits. Ended up keeping it for another year and a half with no roof leaks. I suspect the taped up portions of the roof will outlast the walls if not the frame judging by the wear when I did finally trade it in.

Source: Roof maintenance question

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