Hi, looking to tow this 1983 Airstream 120 miles. Gvwr is 7100. Does that mean that is the maximum weight this trailer can hold fully loaded but not necessarily how heavy it is at this time. The RV is in poor condition, my guess is that it is missing some of the items that it came with on the inside.


Yes, gvwr is the max you can load the trailer to. It should be lighter with missing equipment, no gear or water in the tanks.


What you have is a trailer rated to carry a total weight of 7100 lbs. It has two axles, each of which is rated to carry 3200 lbs. I’m going to guess that the tongue and its jack are rated for at least 700 lbs.

And none of that tells you how much that old beast actually weighs. Just that it’s probably less than 7100 lbs.

Chances are that if your truck is rated to pull 7100 lbs, then you have enough truck. It’s not good to take Chances. Transmissions have pissed all over the road for less reason than that. But if your truck is rated to tow 10k lbs, it can pull that. If your hitch can hold a static weight of 700 lbs, it can hold that. If you are worried about it, call around to mechanic shops in the area and get an opinion. See if you can rent a scale to weigh each individual tire/wheel plus the tongue weight.

I probably would have just checked the tires for damage and taken it easy pulling it home.


GVRW is the maximum that your vehicle can weigh. That’s the weight of the vehicle and everything in it. You want to find the GCRW which is the gross combined weight rating which is the weight of your trailer plus the weight of your vehicle. If it doesn’t have it listed anywhere you might have to do some googling and use your vin.


What is an airstream 120 miles ?

Source: Question around Rv Towing

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