I purchased a replacement lp detector since my last one was beeping/going out for no reason. Wired up the new model and it has power and passes the test button but for some reason I’m not getting any propane to my stove/fridge now. Are there certain detectors that won’t send the signal to flow propane or is it just a broken sensor?


Ok, I’m going to pretend your serious.
Your detector has nothing…nothing to do with the flow of propane. There’s no signal. If you don’t have propane it may be another issue. It will however detect a leak in your propane system
Good luck.


Stupid question, is the propane valve open on the tank? I only ask because I have once before forgot to open the valve prior to leaving then wondered why my prechilled fridge is no longer cold after getting to my destination.


I learned to turn off propane and let sit for an hour until a ball valve closes. No idea how long it actually takes or how to even test that theory. Then I SLOWLY open the propane tank, a full minute to open fully. Then things start to work. My rig is 20 years old.


There seems to be some debate on the operation of these LP detectors. My RV is from 2001 and some older models (such as mine) have a solenoid that controls a shutoff function as a part of the assembly. Without proper voltage/detection in the unit pictured the system will not allow propane to flow as a safety precaution. I am aware this is not common and doesn’t apply anymore. In fact, the company (CCI) has discontinued the replacement altogether. I did some research and found a detector that is a modern replacement with the cutoff function for my RV. Seems like I bought the wrong detector and it’s not communicating with the system properly. I’m going to buy the recommended replacement and see if that fixes anything


Bro it’s just is supposed to detect propane fumes. Has NOTHING to do with propane flow to any of your appliances.


Fun fact – they have a 5 year lifetime, and apparently have some kind of internal timer so they know when the 5 years is up. That’s probably why yours stopped.

Source: Propane not flowing with new detector?

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