Can anyone help identify this pre-wired “observation” camera mount on the back of my 2023 Coleman Lantern LT 17B? I looked all over it and theres no markings I can see. I suspect Furrion just because they're popular, but maybe I'm Googling the wrong things because I can't find it.

I'm trying to find some kind of bracket that will fit on the existing mount and allow me to put something else on there. Probably a piece of wood screwed in place from either side would work, but I'd prefer something more purpose built. Will be putting Blink cameras on the trailer and there should be a way to add them on this existing mount.


Its for a Furrion


That looks like my Furrion. I ended up buying a cheapy chinese Camera off Amazon (AMTIFO) that fit the bracket and been very happy with it.


Furrion camera, but other brands are making cameras that fit into that mount as well ????




That’s a blank for a Furrion camera. Looks like the one I have on my camper.


That’s definitely prewired for the Furrion camera, but that looks like a different bracket than the Furrion. Mine did not look like that before I put the Furrion camera in.


Looks like my furrion set up. I went with the haloview since it was half the price and is furrion compatible

Source: Prewired camera mount ID

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