We are in a “resort” campground (Thousand Trails) that includes this rule in it's welcome packet. And yet, every day right outside one of our windows – though I believe it's actually aimed at the bathhouse next door – we have to look at a political flag on someone's RV.

What would you do?


This went exactly where I expected it to, and where every one of these posts go. Comments locked. Be civil folks, bans will be judicious in the future.


We stopped going to Thousand Trails and Encore parks. The word Resort is a stretch for majority of their parks I’ve encountered.

We were at one that had a ceramic tile pad with a picnic table on it. We noticed that when it rained our dog wouldn’t walk on it. She would plant her feet in the gravel and cry so I would carry her in. My husband was like that’s not normal something is up. He went outside put his foot on the pad and it got hot he put both feet down and got zapped. He went to his truck and got an outlet tester touched the pad and it turned on. They told us to leave the park when we showed it to the park manager while it was raining. They felt we were causing a nuisance to the park by showing them that my dog and husband were being mildly electrocuted by a pad.

I wrote them off from that day forward.


During the night go hang a pineapple on their rig


Just mention it to management – “Hey I noticed in the packet that there’s a rule about political stuff – Have you seen the flag at site 34?”


Good luck enforcing this policy. It seems like the kind of folks who rock up to camp and immediately unfurl political flags aren’t exactly the type who give a fug about the rules or how it may be perceived by their temporary neighbors.

I’m all for it but I recently came from Oregon where one camp host was taking care of 13 campgrounds because other hosts had quit because people had threatened to kill them for trying to collect money, so that’s what you’re looking at in some (extreme) cases in 2023…


This should be common knowledge and common decency but instead it’s all to common.


I’m glad campgrounds have this rule. Some people are truly obnoxious about their political beliefs. A campground is where people should be able to relax.

I’d report it. I know — what the bid deal, it’s just one little flag. But others see that, and next thing you know, there are “f– the president” and neonazi flags flying.
The rule needs to apply to everyone.

Source: Political signs and flags in campgrounds

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