Since you’re using an MPPT charge controller, you can wire the panels in series instead of parallel and reduce line losses and also maybe reduce the wire size from the panels to the charge controller.


I have a similar setup but choose to run panels in serial. I went that way to make connections easier and cables smaller.


Newbie to solar here, so is this just and AC to DC system to run DC things only? I don’t see the inverter or know how you get AC? My solar guy is trying to get me to switch over as many things as I can to DC power by ditching the power bricks for tv, computer, etc.. and I am still trying to wrap my head around it all.


Having tried that controller I’d recommend getting a Victron instead. It’s really not user friendly and their support is lacking. Mine didn’t work well at all.

Source: Please critique my planned LifePO4 + Solar Upgrade

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