BucephalusOne: Going into our second year fulltiming (we cheated for ~40 of the coldest days and house-sat) here is the top 3 things I wish I knew day 1:

* Keep a gallon of water near the toilet. You never know!
* Anything that you touch a black tank or hose with goes into containment. Get a storage container of some kind and put all hoses, fittings, doodads, in it. And mark it well!
* Dump tanks at 80% and fill at 20% – Surprises SUCK!


louschell: My cousin lived off campus at an RV Park for her last three years of school. It was much cheaper than an apartment. Now she graduated and her younger sister is at the same college and using the trailer.

The only minor issue they had to account for was being next to the river and the possibility of flooding in the spring. Their vehicles couldn’t tow the trailer so they had a plan and an agreement with one of the other residents at the RV Park. If the weather was warning about flooding, that person would help move the trailer to higher ground.

sgs1370: I lived in a mobile home for a couple of years in college (it was kinda like a stationary travel trailer) and my advice is be careful if your floor material is flammable/meltable. I jerked a pizza while pulling it out of the oven once and it caught on fire. I panicked and jerked it out of the oven. The pan + pizza landed on the linoleum floor and while I was able to put the fire out, it left a circular black mark on the floor. But I had a great time in my trailer, it was roomy enough to have 8 friends over and it was (this was in the 1980s) $50/month lot fee.

giveme_collegeadvice: I asked for advice a few months ago (prior to my purchase) and it was all very helpful! After looking at my financial aid, this seems like my most viable option. My only out of pocket expenses are housing and food which on campus would cost 16,000 a year. Would appreciate any input on this decision 🙂

Edit: Writing all this advice down on my notes app!! This is very helpful!
Also a bit of a sidenote, a few people are assuming I’m a male but I’m a woman. I would love to hear some input from any solo female full timers, it’s something that I’m a bit nervous about even if I’m not traveling :).

CostaBJJ: > Full-timing while in College?

Study hard, finish your degree.
Enjoy life

yesitsmenotyou: Is your college in a place where you can winter in the RV?

stoned_hillbilly: Make friends with big drive ways and back yards

Source: Officially Bought My Travel Trailer! Any Advice For Full-timing While in College?

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