New podcast out today, discussing solar power and RVing, answering your questions and celebrating the RV Lifestyle –

RV Podcast Ep 231: The truth about solar power for the RV – RV Lifestyle

This episode of the podcast looks at solar power and asks the question, has the RV industry over sold solar power? Just how effective is it? We’ll hear – The RV lifestyle

  • What is minimum size panel to keep batteries up for nite use, do I need 300 watts when 50 will be sufficient to run fridge and a few lites.
  • Check out AM Solar out of Springfield, OREGON. They have a great website and all the information you will need to assess what type of system will work for your needs
  • I have 475 watts on my Pleasure Way Plateau XLTS with 200 ah of lithium batteries. We dry camped for 5 weeks in Key West and had plenty of power. Refrigerator on propane, but used the microwave, Keurig coffee maker, watched TV and other normal items. Having lithium batteries makes the difference, they charge quickly. This photo taken at 12:28 pm on Dec 21, 2018.
  • Have my eyes on the Leisure Travel Wonder RTB so cant wait to hear your final review.

    *sidebar* sorry but the film RV was Robin Williams, not Chevy Chase. ????

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