My late husband and I stayed in plenty of Walmart parking lots in the 90s. (George will not stay in one.) Bill and I were never bothered. Have things changed? Were we just lucky?

Is Walmart Camping Dangerous For RVers?

Walmart camping is a cheap way to spend the night, but you won’t sleep well when you learn how much crime happens in the parking lot.

  • I wrote a polite note to Walmart Corporate offices. I suggested that All employees be informed of parking policy. Post larger No Parking Signs. If Sam Walton’s safe parking policy has changed please make it public. They did reply to say it has been Walmart’s policy to allow trucks and RV’s to park at night rather than try to drive while tired and sleepy but they leave this to the discretion of local managers – essentially saying they have no Corporate policy. We will still shop at Walmart but will NEVER visit that one again!
  • We have stayed at some. But we like hookups! If we ever get a bad feeling we would leave.
  • Indeed, things have changed. We stopped at a Walmart and after buying groceries went to the Customer Service counter and asked to speak to the manager. The employee said he wasn’t there and they didn’t know where he was. Hubby asked if we could stay overnight in our motorhome. The employee said “We don’t care but the police might!” and laughed. We took it as a joke and returned to the RV. At 1:30 AM we were awakened by a loud banging on our door. A huge tow truck with headlights glaring into our doorway said: The Walmart Night Manager had called. This is private property. “No Overnight Parking” signs were posted. We had 15 minutes to get out or be towed. I frantically stowed things inside while my husband scurried to re-connect our Jeep. Meanwhile the Semi’s paraded out to the highway. I wrote
  • We have stayed at Walmart several times no issues
  • With the way some people act these days I’d be afraid too , we have stayed at Cracker Barrel’s before after asking the manager while having dinner
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