duke198813: Are you living in it or using it for weekend trips?

knobbiyeti: Where did you get that barn, I like!

Advice, take shoes off at the door every time.

Keep a few gallons of water in the black tank at all times or you will have a dry waste mountain right under the flush hole.

Make sure you and your wife know how to do everything, so you can double check each other before you hitch and move. That saved my bacon a few times.

Good sewer hoses, good rubber gloves, not the cheap stuff.

Zero-G hose.

Make sure you have a water pressure regulator or your pipes will get blown out eventually.

Surge protection for the outdoor 30 or 50 plugs.

Change the ch571 locks because everyone at the campground has the same key.

get yourself a small battery powered blower to keep the area clean under the awning and steps…that way you can rock out barefoot.

Do not freak out if you pooper stinks at times. Ours always stinks until we get several gallons of waste into it. I know that sounds odd but that is how a septic works. It needs bacteria and poo for the bacteria to work with.

Never leave your black tank open at a full hook up site….or poo will dry in the tank.

The water gets hot so make sure you watch after the kiddos until they figure the water out.

check tire pressures often and regularly.

If you do not spank and discipline your kids, do not take them with you as I do not want to deal with hearing your wife needlessly count to 10 all weekend at the campground. Undisciplined kids should never leave the home that ruined them in the first place. They only ruin the camping experience for everyone else. Same goes for the dog and mother-in-law.

Source: Just got our first Travel Trailer — Jayco 287BHS — Would love to hear any and all advice for first timers, two young kids and a dog!

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