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Bacicot: I like the setup! Van is a camper too? Does everybody stay in the trailer or do you split it up

hillside: That van is sweet

InfiniteBarnacle9: Holy crap! Someone else who tows a TT with a van!

**fist bump**

DrQuaalude: Did u buy the van just to pull the camper?

1320Fastback: Have a friend to who a similar van, thing was set up for camping and was great!

Eventually he sold it when he got a toy hauler and needed more power and mpg.

That trailer should pull great behind that van!

steveos_space: Econoline with Trailer FTW! yes!

Noideawhatsoevah: Love the setup. I used a Tahoe to pull my camper and had to get a truck instead. I need the bed space for my generator and gas cans since most places I’m dry camping. Depending on the job site I’m at though.

Source: It’s that time. Hitting the road for a little time in nature with the kids!

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