Partner recently purchased this trailer ( Springdale by Keystone 2011). He hadn't thoroughly looked at it at all! Was full of mice poop everywhere. It had been sitting in an elderly couples yard for 5 years. The opening for the plug in cord was basically wide open so any creature could basically come in and out as they pleased. After about a month of cleaning and ripping stuff out and inspecting any holes that I could locate and covered with steel woll and tape and caulk., I am still catching mice in their at least every two days. Is this normal? I have no idea where they are coming in. He paid 10 gs CAD for this and it also has a really bad odor. Idk what to do with it. Any ideas are welcome? Any advice on what to do? I am at the point of discouragement and just want it gone. I am also a newbie to trailers and know barely anything about them. Do I take it to a RV specialist, try to sell it( no one will buy it with the smell it has). I'm worried their may be dead animals in the walls, is that possible? Lol I am just at a loss at what to do because I absolutely hate mice. Sure a straggler here and there. But almost daily? Thanks for any advice or suggestions in advance.


For the odor buy an ozone generator and run it in there for about 30 minutes. Keep it closed up for 24 hours then air it out. Smells will be gone. this is the one I have and it works well.


In Florida I have never seen a mouse, but get plenty of lizards in my trailer.


I am so confused by this. I hear on reddit that mice are always coming in everyone’s trailer.

Meanwhile for three years I’ve been living in my motorhome and taken no special efforts against mice, and never seen one. (knock on wood)

Where are you all living where these mice come all the time? Do we not have mice in the PNW?


Get the TomCat expanding foam spray. Get under your trailer and fill EVERY nook and cranny you can find. THEN, go inside the trailer and take off EVERY access panel you can find and fill those passthru holes as well. You’re going to miss a spot or two so keep an extra can handy so when you do realize you missed one you can fill that gap.

I did this the day I picked my trailer up new and have not had a single problem. The TomCat foam has a rodent repellent in it which stops mice/rats/snakes etc from even wanting to try to chew thru it. When I did my trailer it took me about an hour and two cans worth. Some gaps will be bigger that you’d expect so you MIGHT have to wait for the foam to firm up before hitting that area again to seal it up.


I had this issue a few times,

1 was the shore power hole, fixed that

2nd was the drain plugs underneath the rv there was a hole beside them, plugged them.

3rd one was tricky, I found a hole in the washroom where the line comes up for the toilet, but it was hidden behind the cabinets

haven’t had a problem since.

keep in mind, mice can jump almost 10 inches just from a standstill and up to 2 feet with a running start.


Perhaps you need a sacrificial snack and a 5 gallon bucket. Something to draw them away. There are a few traps available that click to a 5 gallon bucket that come with a little strip for them to climb to the trap. They go in and they can’t get out. You can decide to let them go somewhere else after your trip or at intervals.

I watch this guys channel a lot and he reviews various traps. He also designed one himself that just went on sale.

edit: also, this guy did a test, and peppermint oil does really work on mice. Maybe get some and if you have pets only use it on the outside of the vehicle.


Get a cat lol

Source: Is it normal for mice to constantly invade your trailer?

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