Bitter_Bastard: Show us the maaath!

bt2513: Note the markings on the 2x4s. I think OP did their homework. Not the most accurate way to measure but should be reasonably close. I need to do this to mine…

HugDewey: Are you some sort of retired mad scientist who got bored on a Thursday afternoon?

river-spreso: I’ll post this separately as my other post is buried at the bottom. Hopefully it’ll gain some traction. This explains the math behind how the DIY scale works.

adowner: I’d be interested in understanding the math used to determine the pivot/load/weigh points and the formula used to calculate the weight if anyone could point me in the right direction.

jimmysinger: No problem. With the weight distribution hitch, you will barely notice it. Good idea with the scale, lever set-up.

y2knole: This is called a ruggles scale and has been used in motor sports for ages. Perfectly legitimate.

Nice job op

Source: Instead of spending $150+ on a “tongue weight scale” I built this and used a bathroom scale for a grand total of $16. The tongue weight is about 344 lbs and my WDH weight is 84 lbs. For a total weight of 428 lbs. My hitch max tongue weight is 500lbs. You guys forsee any issues? Canper is loaded.

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