jamesmyerscomedy: Myself and Comedy Central’s Cody Woods will be living in it and touring full-time and bringing some of America’s best comics with us out to the middle of nowhere while uploading youtube videos from the road.

We’re launching the [website](https://www.therollinggreenroom.com) , (https://www.instagram.com/greenroomrv/) , and [youtube channel](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Vk4dQ603kc) are live now and we’ll begin uploading content immediately.

We’ve been touring mostly breweries, wineries, comedy clubs, and rock clubs for the past year out of rental cars and hotels, so this is gonna be way better. We’re planning out our spring and summer tour right now so if you know any venues you think might be into having us DM me and let me know.

See you guys on the road.

Zugzub: If you come through Youngstown Ohio and need an overnight stop, let me know, Plenty of room in the drive and 50 amp hookup and water right there

DoctorHathaway: Come in here with stats and no photos…come on, man!!

Baconshit: Pics or it didn’t happen

SirKyleofCox: Come to Arkansas!

myelfself: That’s awesome man. I live in the middle of nowhere, so hit me up when you get there.

cmmatt: Very cool!

Source: I’m a full-time comedian and I’ve been lurking this board for 9 months trying to find the right rig to run a tour out of. Settled on this 1994 Gulfstream Dieselpusher. Spent the last 3 weeks cleaning it up, fixing the roof, and painting it myself. I give you “The Rolling Green Room”

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