I couldn’t find any DIYs on this so I had to wing it. The drain line was the most difficult, and I didn’t think about winterizing. But it turned out great.


Bro, if that were a product I could buy and just swap…I’d buy 5.

Well done!!


Turn that into a product and you would be rich. Very nice work. I use a countertop dishwasher, but this is a lot nicer.


I would find this much more necessary then having an oven. I use an air fryer far more often then my oven.


This should be standard equipment!


So did you actually change the oven to a dish washer or did you find one the right size and somehow Frankenstein the stove top onto it? You had to punch a hole in your grey tank? Holy crap dude, what type of wizard are you?!


Wow, I pulled my oven out, put in a new counter top with a nice 2 burner cooktop. Then put a Ninja XL in the space below. And I was really proud of myself.

Until now, thanks a lot!


This is absolutely ingenious. Like someone else said, patent this and you could become very rich. It’s mind-blowing this is the first time we’ve all seen something like this.

Source: I turned my range and oven into a range and dishwasher.

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