Way over priced.


I bought a 2000 36 ft remodeled class a for about 28K. It all depends on the wear and tear of the living space and the components. For example, the motor and drive gear are probably in great shape with so few miles. But have they updated anything or replaced anything? I’ve had to replace the entire plumbing system, 2 A/C blower motors, power converter, batteries, and an awning. Being an older model, these things are bound to go bad eventually. I have learned so much about My RV in the past year. Just make sure you look at the age of the parts and not just the mileage.


You need a mechanic to give the drivetrain a once over.

Also make sure their are no leaks

It looks overpriced to me


Got a 2003 r vision Condor for around the same price after taxes. Thing has been a beast and worth it honestly. We full time in it. Get it checked out to make sure nothing major is wrong but ultimately it’s your decision on if is worth it.

Edit to add, ours is a 34ft with a Ford engine and two slides, so this one might be a bit pricey.


Beware of buying one that old without having a professional inspect it. That price looks high.


Thanks to everyone for the insights. Any idea of value since it’s apparently overpriced? Assuming it is well maintained, of course.

Searching S301 online, some are listed for $11.5k- $28k so I have no idea why the drastic price differences.


For the same price I picked up an 02 Fleetwood 34M Diesel pusher. This seems pretty high to me.

Source: I know nothing, but am looking at getting an RV. This has 47k miles, is it fairly priced?

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