So I seen a few in a state away for the selling price of 11995 so my local place said they would honor the price. Then add on all these fees which brings the price back up. Has anyone else experienced this from camping world ? On a side note I did not and will not buy from them. I went to blue compass instead and got a better deal on a bigger camper.


$1500 for “prep”?? lol. Gtfo with that.

ETA: delivery is standard. And usually depends how far you are from the factory.


“Monthly investment” yeah okay!!Lol!! with most investments in life you try to make money not lose money!
That trailer lost 30% of its value the second you took it off the lot but whatcha gonna do all RVs are like that when you buy new..
That 1500 prep fee is bullshit tho!


You lost us at ‘Camping World’.


Don’t buy Coleman

Don’t buy at Camping World


Find one not at garbage camping world


Camping World – not even once.


Run. I wish everyone knew what a shit company Camping World is. Close those charlatans down.

Source: How’s this look for a purchase from camping world.

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