I emptied my tanks today. See my other post for the terrible lessons I learned there.

But I bought a hose to use for rinsing out the tanks.

I hooked it up to this connector in the left. My fresh water connections and fill port is near the back of the camper.

When hooking up to this nothing was coming out of the tanks. They were open.

It seemed like water might not be going through this connector.

Is there something you have to do to open this up? A switch or valve somewhere?


Black tank flush has a check valve somewhere in the line. In our fifth wheel, the check valve was installed backwards. Once I flipped it around it worked perfectly. If that is your flush inlet and you open the spigot and water stops flowing through the hose and becomes static then there is a possibility that either the check valve is backwards or needs replacing. Im not saying that this is your exact problem but it could be something to look at.


Google hydrojet servers in your area. If you’re near Lubbock Tx I charge $175 for the first black tank and $75 for each tank after that.


It’s not like power washing a tank but I use a flush king that connects to the dump port. I close the Grey, open the black and back fill the tank until it’s about full, close the hose off and dump the tank. I use it about once a month I’ll flush it once. Once every 6 months I’ll flush it 5 or 6 times in a row.



My shadow cruiser has a hook up on outside that says “black tank flush” I believe. I just hook hose up, open black tank valve and let her rip tater chip for 5-10 mins.

Source: How to rinse out tanks after emptying them.

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