No idea how long its been like this. Its still feels solid but bumpy in a 6″ radius like there is some wood swelling. Almost looks like someone patched a spot. I see no visable damage inside and no de-lamination on any sidewalls.

Is this as easy as removing the caulking someone else did and redoing it over the tear?


Eternabond tape is your friend. Get it on in a hurry. Youtube has videos, and I bought mine on Amazon. I also saw it at Camping World near me.


what I would do is scrape off that dicor, get a hairdryer and dry it out as best as you can if it’s still solid, grab a can of TPO adhesive (thermoplastic polyolefin roof) then get a nice wide piece of eternabond tape maybe lightly clean around where the tape will be applied, lightly heat up the tape and the roof and just slap it on roll it with a rolling pin.


if there is swelling under it, you now have rotting wood. Not just a spot where the roof can get wet…but now you have a trail of water that is crawling in your roof and probably down a side wall as well.


Rv tech here of a decade, new roof is the correct repair here.

Source: How concerning is this tear?

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