Just came back from an extended trip and discovered water is coming out of the Hot and cold hose out of the white plastic tip. My faucet was also broken. I suspect a freeze (I had cut the H20 and thought I drained the pipes). How can I fix this. Thank you!!

2014 Keystone Bullet Ultralight 246RBs


looks like pex tubing with Nibco stainless steel crimp rings. you’ll need a special crimping tool for that. The white tips are fittings that something used to be connected to. I would check those plastic fittings for cracks and reconnect the tubing using new crimp rings. Freezing should not damage the pex tubing, but could have damaged plastic fittings or fixtures.


Update: Found the connection point to the pipes where it screws into the faucet. Looks like when it froze it got blown out. Forgive my ignorance. To Frank: I do not know that good to know!


Hey, OP. Just so you know, there’s no such thing as “draining the pipes.” You can blow them out with compressed air, or run rv-safe antifreeze through them. Opening the faucets and draining the low point is not enough to prevent freezing. The antifreeze method is quick and easy and anyone can do it in 10 minutes.

Source: HELP! H/C water leaking

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