I have a few generators but I’m running out of hauling space. I have a few eu2000i Hondas, a Honda 6500, and a Yamaha 3000iseb. I just found a Onan Marquis 7000 locally that a guy pulled out of an old winni that his parents left when they passed. I got it off him for 100$. Im new to travel trailers and will likely be living in my 30’ Arctic Fox while I’m purchasing land. It has OEM onboard solar that is barely a battery maintainer. Y’all think it’s worth trying to find somewhere to put this Onan onboard??


If you want a loud generator that burns 3/4 of a gallon of gas an hour when being used go for it. We have a factory Onan in our toy hauler and 99% of the time I would rather use my twin Yamaha’s in parallel.


That is the exact gen I had installed in my 5th wheel. Of course, the unit was pre-wired for it. Had the guys at the rv dealership I’ve used for years do it.

Even bought some slider arms and had them installed so that I can pull the unit all the way out for service. The only thing I have to do is remove the exhaust pipe and it’ll pull right out.

I’m thinking of re-doing the exhaust pipe as it hangs down a little lower than I’d like. May have to shorten up the pipe by cutting and getting an exhaust shop to expand it for me, that is if I can’t find the same type of pipe in a slightly larger size. I would split one end an inch or so, and just use the correct size exhaust pipe clamp to reattach.

Just make sure you deal with the exhaust.

I also use a Genturi exhaust tube to get the nasty stuff above the coach instead of In the coach.




I bought. Ford Powerboost with the built in 7.2kW generator. It’s an awesome combo.


I wouldn’t want one mounted inside my trailer. They’re loud af and vibrate like crazy. The exhaust is horrible too and I don’t want it any closer than it has to be.

I’d find a place to store it in the trailer, and a way to make loading/unloading/moving it easier, but I’d want it at least 20′ away while running.


Unless it’s a factory installed unit in a compartment specifically designed and sealed for a generator, that’s a hard no from me. Not worth waking up dead.

You can likely fix the solar issue by adding panels, swapping the charge controller, etc. This is definitely safer and probably cheaper than adding the onboard gen. I have 270w on the roof of my 28’ and it’s more than enough to fully recharge by noon in April where I live. Sounds like a problem with your solar setup.

Source: Has anyone thrown an onboard Gen into their travel trailer?

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