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It was 5 years ago this week that we attended the 2015 Escapade in Tucson, AZ and helped the Escapees RV Club launch their new club within a club called Xscapers!

And wow.. look how far it has come! With over 12,000 members they are hosting monthly convergences, enabling community and providing resources aimed at the working aged RVer.

While at the Annual Bash back in January, we did an interview with founders Travis & Melanie Carr to share some of the history of Xscapers, where it has come today and their visions for the future (including an Xscapers RV Park!).

We are truly humbled with what the Escapees has done with the little idea we brought them six years ago.

General Update – Back to Boat Life!

We are seriously behind on content creation – it’s been a crazy (but awesome) couple of months. So apologies for no updates lately. We are sharing regularly on Instagram and Facebook if you want to keep up in real time.

We’ve come a long way since Annual Bash – way back in the Arizona Desert!

Afterwards we retuned to Benson to get our bus into long term storage and started a two week van trip back to Florida for the RVillage Rally – which amazing as well!

It’s been kinda like a trip of visiting our ‘kids’ – RVillage and Xscapers.

Back to Boat Life!

After some time with friends and family, we returned to our boat Y-Not in Savannah last week – and after wrapping up some projects on land, she was launched into the water yesterday.

We still have some smaller projects to complete this week at the boat yard, but we are starting to set our eyes onto what our cruising plans this season might entail.

We, like many around the world, have COVID-19 on our minds.

Since we have to provision the boat anyway, we’re provisioning a little extra so we can hopefully just cruise & anchor with minimal need for being ashore while this plays out. RVers and cruisers are already well suited for a bit of social distancing and self-reliance.

And honestly after the past few months of non-stop awesome – we’re ready for some distraction free time to just be and focus on work. With 5G and low earth satellites ramping up – our work life of tracking mobile internet options is keeping super busy already.

And hopefully we’ll eventually get caught up on content here too.

Stay safe… wash your hands.. don’t panic!


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