Update from this post:

One thing that doesn’t seem good, is the fan on the right side of that silver box isn’t spinning. Any other way to tell if it’s working or not?


Take a volt meter to your battery and turn the battery disconnect off/on. You can also flip the breaker for the converter off/on and see if the voltage jumps to 13.7V or around there.


Seems the problem is solved. As a rookie in all things electrical I sure learned a lot so thanks everyone for your help. Turns out the battery fuses were hosed, which led to my battery dying slowly yesterday/last night. Once I replaced them the converter kicked to life with the fan spinning. After a few hours I checked the new battery I put in this morning and I was getting 13.7v, which is much higher than where the battery was before I switched the fuses. Good stuff reddit, thanks for saving the weekend


Power systems have been the worst part (for me) of owning an RV.


How old is your converter? Mine was leaking a small amount of shore power where it should have been feeding DC and weirdness happened. Try your volt meter set to AC (possibly wrong term but the non-DC one) and see if you get anything.


Are you sure you have good power at the pole? Didn’t pop a breaker or something?

Source: Found the converter (I believe). How can I tell if it’s working?

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