I found the connection on the ground while it was stored. Connection+water+ground=spending money. ????

1. Does it matter which brand connection I replace it with?
2. Anyone else starting the season with a blunder?


For a part that is $10-20 to purchase and a little time to replace.. I would replace it – just for the peace of mind. But that is merely my own $0.02


Might hit it with some contact cleaner and some emery paper and get another season out of it.


Now that you got this years done and over with it should be smooth sailing. Have fun!


Easy to wire in a new one. They have one on Amazon that glows all red when it’s plugged in right.


What’s the make, model, and model year of your trailer? I’m seeing this kind of often.


Yea, back when we had a bumper pull, I always sprayed mine and tucked it up under my propane tank cover during storage. Even now with the 5er, I spray it and tuck it into the pin box innards.

I had more problems with the recipticle on my last Silverado that I wrongly blamed on the plug than with the actual plug.


Sounds counterproductive I know…. But if you were to disconnect all power sources from the trailer, and pour some piping hot (not boiling) water onto that connection, all the corrosion would wash away. From there just make sure it dries out! Replacement is an easy and sure fire alternative

Source: First blunder of the year

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