We bought a Jayco camper for mostly boondocking, works great for our family.

One issue I have is the converter (WFCO 8735-ad, known defect with auto detect) only charges lifepo4 (100ah) @ 6amps while plugged in our using the generator (champion 2500 watt inventory) or shore power and 8-10 amps while driving. If we're boondocking, it takes an estimated 8-12 hours to charge the battery, I don't want to listen to a generator that long and know the battery can accept a faster charge.

We have 200 watt solar panels which helps, the 12v only fridge works against our battery.

Recommendations or who can I talk with on how I can charge the battery faster? Is this best for a new power dynamic converter, send the WFCO converter in for repair or victron charger?


I run a Xantrex XC Pro 3000 that will dump 150 amps into my LifePo4 batteries if I let it. I hold it back to 100 amps per the battery’s OEM recommendations. Needless to say, the generator runtime is very, very low.


I connect my TT Lipo4 battery to a 20 amp battery charger powered by a small, 1000 watt, very quite generator when needing a charge. Works great for me.


You can charge 30 – 40 amps by using your tv.


For about $200 you can replace the converter module with a Progressive Dynamics 35a unit compatible with lithium batteries. It will put out a constant 35a at over 14v. If you’re not using other DC loads when charging, it should work out to re-charging about 35ah of battery per hour of generator / shore power. You’ll also need to make sure your battery wiring can handle 35a.


I had that same converter and the exact same problem. It’s total junk.

I called Battleborn to ask their opinion. They told me to talk to Randy at bestconverter.com. (apparently he’s a trusted vendor for them). He informed me that Progressive Dynamics makes a direct replacement power center for the WFCO 8735-AD. It’s called the PD4135KW2B. This unit has the same number of branch AC circuits and an additional DC circuit. It has a physical switch (novel concept) to change between Lithium and Lead Acid charging profile. It was only about $180.

The prospect of re-wiring my whole power center was a little daunting. But I just took it slow moving one circuit over at a time. In the end it wasn’t that hard. My old breakers were not compatible with the new panel, so I had to purchase those. But all in all the project cost was about $250 total (new panel and new breakers).

My old converter was charging at 13.6V and max amps I was getting to the battery was about 8. (took multiple days to charge and only to 80%)

My new converter charges up to 14.5 V and max amps I am getting to the battery is about 18. (now charges to 100% in about 5-6 hours).

The investment was minimal and I had to run no additional (or higher gauge) wires to the battery. I now have a reliable system that will charge fast enough off a a generator if we are boon docking.


homebrew a superior system with a victron inverter/charger combo

Shore power wire goes to the inverter/charger “in” connection, old shore power connection gets moved to the “out” of the inverter/charger, DC side of the inverter/charger is obviously connected to your batteries, and your DC side to your batteries.

hundreds of videos on how to do this on youtube

the shitty manufacturer converter goes bye bye

it’s more expensive than what some other people have mentioned – but it is more expandible with future solar, additional batteries, etc

Source: Faster battery charging options

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