There are numerous types of tourism available to travellers. You of course have your more common types such as ecotourism, cultural tourism, religious tourism, and agritourism. You then have tourism that caters to more distinctive tastes or objectives such as medical tourism, dark tourism, and yes even sex tourism.

It’s no surprise that sex always sells, and that rings true with travel as well. Sex tourism refers to the practice of people travelling the world with the primary intention of engaging in sexual activities or possibly to visit attractions that relate to sex or nudity. While for some travellers this may mean “really getting to know” the locals, it could also simply mean visiting cities with erotic museums or ones that host sexy shows.

Exploring New Frontiers: Visiting Sex Hot Spots in Europe

What Exactly is Sex Tourism?

As we touched on previously in the intro, sex tourism involves travelling with a focus on sex. Sex tourism is driven by the desire for exotic sexual encounters that might be illegal or stigmatised in the traveller’s home country, or simply to visit destinations and attractions that aren’t afraid to embrace and showcase sexuality.

Sex tourism can take various forms, ranging from casual encounters to organised trips where the main purpose is to engage in sexual activities. Sex tourism of course often raises significant ethical, legal, and social concerns. There are then the very serious issues that can arise such as exploitation of vulnerable populations, human trafficking, and contribution to the spread of sexually transmitted infections.

However, when done respectfully, safely, legally, and with morals, sex tourism can be a fun and exciting reason to “get you off” on your next flight abroad. Jetting off to explore some of the following sex hot spots in Europe will allow you to release your inhibitions and experience new sensations.

Just remember to pack protection, place liquids such as lubricants in your checked luggage if they’re over the airline liquid restriction amounts, and make sure your favourite female or male sex toys will be allowed to be brought into the country you’re travelling to since not all countries offer a warm welcome to sex toys and they may be confiscated or see you hit with a fine.

Europe’s Top Sex Tourism Destinations

Europe has long been celebrated for its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant culture. However, another facet of Europe’s allure lies in its open-mindedness and progressive attitude towards sexuality. From the romantic streets of Prague to the sultry clubs of Berlin, Europe boasts a wide array of destinations that cater to those wanting to indulge their sexual curiosity.

Berlin: Unleashing Desires in Dark Corners

Berlin, known for its edgy and avant-garde atmosphere, is home to an underground world of sexuality that caters to a wide range of preferences. The city’s nightclubs, such as KitKatClub, offer a space for individuals to explore their desires in an accepting and judgment-free environment, hosting themed nights and fetish events.

Some refer to Germany as the bordello of Europe and Berlin invites visitors to embrace their inner fantasies and break free from societal norms. This liberated attitude reflects the city’s dedication to personal freedom and expression.

There are thought to be thousands of brothels throughout Germany and nearly 500 can be found in Berlin alone. It’s here where you’ll find Germany’s red light district and they usually spring to life much later at night than those found elsewhere in Europe.

In addition to brothels, Berlin also offers up erotic massage parlours, strip clubs, FKK sauna clubs, and the city’s popular LSD (Love Sex Dreams) sex shop. And the KitKatClub mentioned earlier is famous for its wild parties that attract both heterosexual travellers as well as those belonging to the LGBT+ community.

There’s even a dress code for KitKatClub which involves dressing up in your favourite latex, leather, or intimate evening wear. Across the venue’s three dance floors and outdoor pool, you can expect to openly see sexual acts taking place and for this reason there is a no-phone policy to respect the privacy of attendees.

There was even recent talk of transforming Berlin’s historic Tempelhof Airport into a site that features regulated drive-in sex booths.

Barcelona: Embracing Erotic Artistry

While Barcelona may be renowned for its unique architecture and beaches, it also houses a burgeoning erotic art scene. The city’s Museu de l’Eròtica or “Museum of Erotic Art” allows visitors to explore human sexuality across the world and many different cultures through historical artefacts, sculptures, and contemporary art pieces.

This museum’s unique approach to embracing sexuality as an art form encourages visitors to engage in thought-provoking discussions about the role of sensuality in cultural expression. Barcelona’s blend of history, art, and modern thinking creates a stimulating environment for those seeking a more intellectual exploration of sexuality.

The museum features sex-related art in the form of sculptures, paintings, and photography as well as displaying S&M and dominatrix gear, sex furniture, and dildos mounted on the wall as though they were hunting trophies.

While the museum may make you blush or giggle at times, you will also walk away no doubt having learned interesting facts about sex as well as a bit about the history of sex. Discover the world of Kama Sutra, Japanese Shunga, and more modern-day styles of erotica.

Prostitution is legal in Barcelona and the city also delivers swingers and BDSM clubs such as the Club Rosas Cinco at Carrer d’Atenes. Strip clubs double as brothels, there are places to watch pole dancing and topless table dances, and shemale sex shows. Most of the brothels and sex-related nightlife can be found in La Rambla’s red light district.

Prague: Where History Meets Intimacy

Prague’s charming medieval streets and gothic architecture set the stage for a romantic escape with a hint of sensuality. The city’s rich history is intertwined with eroticism, evident in sculptures and artwork adorning its buildings.

Visitors can engage in leisurely walks, exploring the poetic intertwining of history and intimacy. Additionally, Prague offers an array of boutique hotels and spa experiences that provide a luxurious escape, perfect for couples seeking a balance between exploration and relaxation.

Prague is also home to quasi-legal brothels and some travellers refer to it as Europe’s stag night capital. Prostitution and its legality in the Czech Republic (Czechia) is a bit of a grey area. Each city tends to set its own laws or level of tolerance in terms of sex and Prague seems to be quite accepting of it where authority turns a blind eye.

A number of world-famous porn stars hail from Prague and some of them even work as prostitutes around places like Charles Square. Visitors can also partake in specialised walking tours that will take you through the seedy parts of the city, introducing you to the city’s somewhat hidden red light districts and teaching you the history of Prague’s sex industry.

Paris: The City of Love Redefined

Known worldwide as the “City of Love,” Paris offers more than just romantic gestures. The city’s open attitude towards sexuality is evident in its erotic boutiques, cabarets, and adult entertainment venues.

There’s no denying most Parisians enjoy sex and are more open-minded when it comes to having casual sex and experimenting with sexuality. Flirting is commonplace here and locations around the city make it easy to easily feel romance and get lost in the moment.

Beyond the Eiffel Tower, Paris invites visitors to explore the depths of human connection and intimacy. The famous cabaret show, Moulin Rouge, provides a glimpse into the glamorous and seductive side of Parisian nightlife.

Moulin Rouge puts on two shows nightly, so it’s easy to catch a performance where you can expect to see nudity as talented dancers take to the stage to perform the beloved can-can dance. You’ll find that around a dozen of the 60 female performers display some sort of nudity.

Meanwhile, the “L’Oiseau Paradis” show at Le Paradis Latin Cabaret takes things a bit further, with sultry acrobatic performers, erotically charged dancing, and more nudity.

You then have the world-famous Louvre Museum where there’s definitely no shortage of art in all forms spanning centuries that display both male and female nudity. Some of the world’s most notable works of nude art can be found here.

Ibiza: The Island of Sensual Escapes

Known worldwide for its vibrant nightlife, electronic music scene, and sexually charged atmosphere, Ibiza is a hotspot for those seeking a more sensual experience. This Balearic Island offers exclusive beach clubs, some of which host sensual and adults-only parties where attendees can embrace their desires in a luxurious sun-soaked environment.

Ibiza is a prominent party destination where you have no shortage of beautiful young people partying all night long. Ibiza’s combination of stunning beaches, luxurious venues, and an open-minded atmosphere creates a unique setting for those looking to explore their sexuality while also enjoying a tropical paradise.

Ibiza is home to a number of popular nude beaches such as its official nudist beach Es Cavallet which is regarded as one of the world’s finest and just a short drive from Ibiza Town. Other nude beach areas can be found at Aguas Blancas and at a dedicate area of Cala Conta.

Calle de la Virgen or “Street of the Virgin” is a sexy street that embraces diversity and sexual freedom. The LGBTQIA-friendly Street is regarded as a so-called “gay sanctuary” that embraces sexual tolerance and respect. The street is home to many gay bars, sex shops, and supposedly even an erotic ice cream shop.

You then have the spicy Lío Ibiza Cabaret show with its provocative dancers where you’ll witness shirtless men and women dressed in revealing costumes. Even the wait staff gets in on the performance.

Some unique bakeries in the Balearic Islands such as Mallorca and Ibiza, as well as elsewhere in Spain, are also known to serve up some fun and playful penis and vagina-shaped waffles in various flavours. Needless to say they are a hit with people ordering them simply for the photo ops they provide for posting to social media.

 Navigating Sex Tourism with Respect

Exploring Europe’s sex hot spots is about more than just fulfilling personal desires, rather it’s an opportunity to understand diverse perspectives and engage in conversations about human sexuality. These destinations provide a unique blend of history, art, culture, and personal exploration, all while hopefully respecting individual choices and identities.

As you embark on this sexual travel journey, remember to approach each experience with an open mind, treating the communities you encounter with the respect and understanding they deserve.

Whether you’re an adventurer seeking new experiences or a traveller eager to engage with different cultures, Europe’s sex hot spots offer a complex tapestry of sensuality that’s waiting to be unravelled.

Remember to focus on enjoying the beauty and diversity of the world’s destinations while also respecting local customs and laws. It’s essential to approach travel with an open mind and a respectful attitude toward the places you visit.

Megan is an Australian Journalist and award-winning travel writer who has been blogging since 2007. Her husband Mike is the American naturalist and wildlife photographer behind Waking Up Wild; an online magazine dedicated to opening your eyes to the wonders of the wild & natural world.

Having visited 50+ countries across all seven continents, Megan’s travels focus on cultural immersion, authentic discovery and incredible journeys. She has a strong passion for ecotourism, and aims to promote responsible travel experiences.


Source: Exploring New Frontiers: Visiting Sex Hot Spots in Europe

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