What these RV ceiling mirror things are called? Is there a technical name? And are they difficult to remove? Thanks for any help ????????


Hmm the best I could find were these comments:

“A good hardware store will also have a wire saw for this task. Same idea as the fishing line — just floss it between the mirror and wall, then floss/cut back and forth. If the mirror is up there with construction adhesive, you’ll need wire to get through it.”

“Cut it off with fishing line. The mirrors are taped in place with double sided tape. Take a length of fishing line and place it behind the mirror. “saw” back and forth as you pull downward on the line and it will come right off. Make sure you have someone to help you catch the mirror when you get to the bottom.
You can then clean off the tape and use the wall for whatever you like.
Plastic strapping also works great too!”



I call them ugly.

The only practical purpose they serve is letting me see where the dog is without stopping what I’m doing.

Edit: in all seriousness, I believe they are intended to make the interior seem brighter by reflecting ambient lighting.


A heat gun a tarp and various sized prybars and a plan about what you’ll put back up as you’ll likely damage the ceiling when you remove it


Damn! I don’t belong here.


It’s an arrow?

Seriously what was it your were intending that big assed thing to point to?


Supposed to go over the disco bed.

Source: Does anyone know

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