My water stopped flowing in my RV and I went to check around the connection under my bathroom sink and noticed this. I noticed similar formations on the bottom of my RV as well.


Looks like mud dauber nests but I have no idea why you have no water


Definitely mud daubers. They don’t have anything to do with the lack of water, but they got in, and now the nest is empty, so I guess they got out, too.

As for lack of water, is the pump on? The valves all open? The breakers on?

And if you’re on city water right now, that just leaves valves.


That is what is technically known as a mess


You got a leak, and drip running down your cold water line brother


Are you connected to a source or are you using a tank. Typically the white garden hose pipes are for fresh water tanks. Maybe the bug nest shorted the wires? Make sure there are no screens on the inlet port or the hoses. Also check the screens on the faucets. Ours have been clogged so bad the water stop running.




Mud robber wasp nest. Your good they already hatched.

Source: Does anyone know what this could be?

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