th33_b3an: At 43k miles. Remanufactured Turbo 400 transmission, less than 500miles on it. Interior is MINT for an ’84. Drove it 90miles home on 6 cylinders, one spark plug was totally toasted, and another one was unplugged. Lol.. it actually drove pretty good on 6 cylinders. After some parts replacement it fired on the first turn of key and sounded LIGHTYEARS better. Small exhaust leak on the passenger side manifold to pipe & small power steering leak. Very small power steering leak.

I couldn’t pass this up for what it was and what they were asking. Looking forward to lots of good memories with the family in this thing.

starion832000: They don’t like to bed called transvans anymore. “Intersex vehicle” works, but really you should just ask for a name.

woodbunny75: That is SO cool. I’ve ever seen one like that! Congrats! I want pics.

iAmInLoveWithMyWife: Looks great! How does it handle?

We just bought a short class C and it’s very manageable but that thing looks long

iAmInLoveWithMyWife: I think mine is about 23 ft, but I’m not sure. At a glance this looks longer but that could be because it’s shorter.

scottydoesntgrow: Gas..? Mpg?

Source: Craigslist gold. 84 chevy 1ton transvan.

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