Hi everyone! Hope you're all doing okay!
If you've seen my other post about our new not-so-new RV I wanted to give a few updates plus ask for advice as to what you think it happened here.

So the good news first:
-We now have running water!
-We have gas and we cleaned our heater!
-Our fridge is finally running and we can now make ice!
-We have constant electricity!

Bad news are…
-Our bathroom is out of service completely. Our bathtub does this shit (see photo) and we don't know why. It also leaks so we can't shower. Nor pee or poop because toilet ALSO leaks. Sink seems okay but we don't wanna use it just in case.
-The furnaces run well but the oven's flame is mega tiny and not where it should be.
-Our skylight leaks when it rains (this I believe is the easiest problem to solve because I know why. I'm just scared to go into the roof ????)

We're calling the technician tomorrow as someone else suggested on my other post, terrified of the price tbh since we're also dealing with some legal papers which are expensive. But I don't think this is something we can solve ourselves.

Words of wisdom will be appreciated.


I’d also like to mention. Our tub did this AFTER my wife did the dishes. So we assume the pipes are connected somehow.

Source: Celebrations and concerns

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