Need to see the other tag as well.


Looks to be a 2017 Hyundai Santa Fe. According to https://towingcap.com/hyundai/santa-fe/2017/ it’s 5k


Tow vehicles have 2 limits: what it can pull, and what it can haul. Looks like your payload capacity is 1286 or so….it’s blurry. That means all of the vehicle occupants, gear, and tongue weight of the camper has to be less than 1,286. Easy way to find out is to load the vehicle with people and your camping gear and go to a Cat Scale. Weigh the vehicle. Subtract that number from your gross vehicle limit (5,622). That is what you have available for hitch and camper.


You can barely tow a tent trailer.


Come on. You want to go out on the road towing a trailer behind a Hyundai… and struggle to post a properly oriented photo. Twice.


If you have to ask Reddit what your tow cap is, please don’t tow anything on public roads


I wouldn’t tow anything with this vehicle
GVWR shows how much weight including passengers the vehicle can handle without towing

Source: Can someone help me figure out what the actual towing capacity is on this vehicle?

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