30ft travel trailer. Can I (around 210lbs) get up there and power wash (lightly) the roof? Also want to apply a rubber roof treatment.


Short answer: Yes. But be careful.

Long answer:

Your camper roof is constructed with 5″ aluminum rafters with 9 mil decking on top. Then a rubber membrane to seal. So yes you can stand/walk on it. Try to stay near the edges where the sidewalls provide vertical/compression support. This counter-intuitive as people generally want to be in the middle (understandable, it is harder to fall off the further one is from the edge) but that is where your roof is weakest. Go slow, and don’t be in a hurry to place your weight on a spot you’ve not tested before. If as you start to add more of your weight you feel it flexing or hear any creaking/cracking you are too close to the center between rafters. Ease back and move a bit. Also make sure you do not drag your feet or twist/turn a foot that is on the roof as you can/will tear the membrane, particularly if you are wearing sneakers.

Do not get on top of the slide at all. You will end up with a leak which will be very expensive to fix.

Good luck.


Rule of thumb is no ladder, not a walkable roof. However, you can still get up there. Just gotta be careful.


“probably”. I would exercise caution.


I would not, and do any work via ladder. Stepping on the membrane can cause it to separate from the panels. It will then lead to a leak eventually.

What is it you wish to accomplish up there? You may have a local business with a rack. Meaning, A platform that is just higher than the roof. We pull trailer under that, them climb up on the platform and do work. Picture a walkway, or bridge over the roof. Great for many things.


I have used a heavy blanket and crawled on all fours or spread-out by laying flat. Im 220#


If there’s a ladder then yes – otherwise check with manufacturer.

Regardless, I would not suggest power washing the roof membrane. Get a gallon garden tank sprayer and mix water with chlorinating liquid (such as outdoor bleach or liquid pool cleaner). Mix in about 1 to 1.5 cups of bleach and top off water to 1 gallon mark. Then add about 2 tablespoons of REGULAR dawn dish soap (ammonia free!!!!) and put about 2 tablespooons in with the water mixture. Screw the pump cap on and shake it.

Rinse off the loose dirt from the roof and then apply the mixture with the garden sprayer in sections working front to back. Let the mixture sit for about 5 minutes and make sure it stays moist. Then take a very soft bristle brush on a pole and agitate the mixture. Rinse off and your roof will be super clean and shiny and all mildew will be gone. Make sure you also get your roof vent caps, AC covers, etc.

I do this once per year after dewinterizing and just clean the roof with soap and water once per month when I wash my rig. Been doing this for 7 years and no issues at all and my roof stays white at all times.


My wife do the roof/PV cleanings, she is much lighter than me.

Source: Can I stand on roof to clean

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