I went with this one

While you’re in there where your pump is, adding an accumulator tank is a nice, inexpensive upgrade.


Check the model number, and the specs for that part.
The model number itself (or its replacement) may be easy to locate just based on that.

Otherwise, write down the specs, check for the comparable. I recently did a repair and this was my approach. Easy peasy and I am not handy


Get a Shurlo Revolution pump and fix the connections on suction and discharge so there’s a foot or so of straight tube on them. It can be longer in the form of a loop. Those 90’s are what makes most of the hammering noise when the pump is running. The installation instructions that come with pumps specifically say don’t install 90’s directly on pump connections, but RV builders don’t give a shit. After I replaced my pump with that one and fixed the plumbing, it made half as much noise.


I replaced one of these just by googling the surflo + the model number. Turns out they still make them!


Yeh Amazon, $50. I keep a spare with me at all times now. My last one lasted only 2 years on my 2020 NOBO, and went out in 2022, brand new. We sucked up rocks from a non-potable water source and it jammed it. Easy and cheap fix.


Yes. This is the higher-end pump installed in my fancy coach. It is slightly more powerful than the “regular” pump usually used.

Shurflo as a brand is pretty much the industry standard. Seaflo, as someone else is suggesting, is a budget brand that picked a name to be easily confused with Shurflo. Do your research.


This seaflo is doing an amazing job 6 months of abuse in. And yes it has survived months of sucking air from a leak and a couple hours of being on while the tank was empty due to ‘reasons’.

Source: Can anyone send recommendations of what pump I should replace this old water pump with?

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