This was pre-installed in the truck we bought for a 5th wheel, we just plugged the 5th wheel and the brakes dont work and the controller started doing this, went to check if i can see any problems and noticed that there is a orange cable that is not connected.

Could that be it ? Now i have fifth wheel that we have to drive home 360km on highway and i dont know if its safe, the lights will light up, the brakes wont work.


Yea I’d try to rewrire it. I had this same controller in my truck and it was junk tho. Would do weird things. They sell wire harness kits so you don’t have to mess with splicing wires and stuff


Those wire connections look shoddy wrapped in tape. Check there and at the 7wplug for your truck and trailer.


If the error goes away when you unplug the trailer the problem is probably with the trailer. Alternatively if that’s a Progressive rate controller it may need to be mounted level in the truck to work correctly. Some have a pendulum that needs to swing.


If there is no trailer brake connected, with a DC coil for the brake the controller will sense that and go into a fault state. It may be fine and working normally, you need to connect an actual brake to it to test it properly.


I don’t recommend that anyone else do it, but I towed a large 5th wheel for several years without having any brake controller. I knew my truck, I drive quite defensively, and always had plenty of tongue weight. I would look online for that controller, and see what wires are used for which function. The orange might not have a function in your truck.

Source: Brake controller error, what to do, have to drive without brakes!!?

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