anchorgreg: First, move the spare tire over a bit (careful not to block the tail light). Then install a bolt on 2″ receiver. Then you can plug your bike rack in to that.

Nobody417: Should be just fine.
Just use a good lock or they may walk off.

martinis00: The problem there is the tire. I just ordered a Swagman RV approved around the tire bike rack from Amazon $109. It brackets to the stinky slinky bumper.

holle67: Will.they for inside while your traveling? Save you money and energy.

Tiger851: I wouldn’t do it without extra supports. Those thin bumpers are not rated to hold much.

See this thread:

Here are the support brackets I installed:

And the bolt on hitch receiver:

And an anti rattle bracket to keep it from bouncing (and it will bounce A LOT):

Before I added the anti rattle bracket it’d bounce so bad in the camera the rear bike looked like it was going to flip upside down. Even with the bracket secure the bikes with extra bungee cords and try to go slow over bumps.

F0M0C0: Do you guys see any issue installing a bike rack on the rear bumper of my 16′ StarCraft? It will only be for two kids bikes.

nolleyorth: It you have a hitch receiver it will work too, the have them for the front too

Source: Bike rack on rear bumper?

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