Big announcement from us today as we look to an exciting future filled with even more stories and reports on the RV Lifestyle!

Announcement: Why we have changed from Roadtreking to RV Lifestyle – RV Lifestyle

Jennifer and I want to announce a big change for us: We have removed ourselves as on-the-road ambassadors for Roadtrek and have arranged the return of the – The RV lifestyle

  • Best wishes! Hope this all works out. Missed seeing your adventures!! Not retired for a while but would love to have a go at RVing when I do!!
  • You guys are a class act. ???? for what you are doing, can’t wait to see what new rig you decide on. RV Lifestyle better describes what you are doing. Safe travels, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Would love to meet you some day on the road.
  • I’ve always felt welcome to your group even though we travel in a Grand Design 5th wheel. I started following you two years ago when we were newbies and it really helped us. It’s all about this wonderful lifestyle! We all have different needs so that is why there are so many choices. Thanks for all you do and looking forward to more cool stuff!
  • Wow, gave back the Roadtrek. Very impressed by your integrity. Keep up the good work, I enjoy your weekly podcasts.
  • Great work Jennifer and Mike WendlandWendland! Having known you since High School I’ve watched over the last few years with great interest. You have a great place for RVers to learn more good info and see what’s on the market. Good luck in your new project and come by or call if you are close to NM.
  • Did they give back their New RT, I think no
  • I am very excited for your new adventures ahead. And thank you for the in-depth explanation. It wasn’t necessary, but thankful.
  • I was always more interested in the RV Lifestyle than your vehicle. Keep up the good work bringing all of us along on your adventures and your tips on everything from cooking to tech stuff. Looking forward to your updates!
  • Thank you Mike and Jennifer – we don’t have a Class B but your content is relevant to all in the RV lifestyle – keep up the great work!
  • Check out Cirrus Truck Campers, they have Alde…
  • Well written. Best of luck!!! The only constant is change.
  • Janet Smith
  • Good job. Though I pull a 34 foot bumper hitch with a tonner dually, I love your posts.
  • Good luck to you both. No matter the name I love to read your stuff!!
  • Great article. We think you’ll do well under any moniker that you choose.
    Business should always be about the people who run it and yours represents very well.
  • Thanks for sharing. No doubt, a tough call that leaves you guys at a crossroads. Looking forward to your continued adventures! (PS – Sorry we missed you in Tampa. Next time)
  • I’m looking forward to following your continuing adventures!!
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