Is it possible to keep my 75g aquarium in my tv? It’s a 5th wheel, 2001. It’s parked, will not be moving it or pulling it. We will be living in it, on our land temporarily. Everyone keeps telling me to sell my fish and get more later. I can’t do that, I love my fish.


That is 600 pounds of water, plus the aquarium, plus the stand. That is a lot of loading for the floor especially if the stand has four small footprint feet rather than a long base to distribute the load.

If you are only going to keep that few of a number and sized fish maybe you should downsize to a 10 gallon tank.


I had a 75g tank in my house. The floor was above a basement garage that has 2×12 joists. It was in the corner of the room with the joists running front to back of the tank. I leveled the tank and stand. Once I filled the tank with water, a few months later I noticed it wasn’t level anymore. I had to put post jack under the joists to add support.

Unless you wanted to build some sort of support underneath, all the way to the floor, I wouldn’t do it. Way too heavy.

Source: Aquarium in rv

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