This is the plastic protective covering that’s sun cracked and highly deteriorated. Mixture of plastic and adhesive buildup. Heat gun doesn’t really work as it’s cracked. I’ve also tried xylene which is somewhat effective but it’s going to take me about 10 hours to scape off. Anyone have any other ideas on how to remove this mess?




Good luck and please post an after pic.


I’ve covered clear coat damage with vinyl – looked good. A wrap so to speak. Cheap and not that hard to work with.


I have 16 years in the rv industry my family owns an rv dealership and my wife’s family owns a separate rv dealership my biggest worry with sitting for 6 years would be the state of all the sealant I’m talking every square inch of it the roof sealant should be inspected 2 times a year industry standards form manufacture want it done more like every 3 months so I’m really worried what the water damage looks like on this unit as for the Dimond shield they make a steamer to install this ive spent 10 of my years in the collision side of the rv business and have found the this is one of the easiest ways to get it off a heat gun works as well be you can easily pull paint off when trying to remove this stuff good luck with your project here are somethings you need to test for…

Refrigerator getting cold
Hotwater heater lighting
City water pressure test to look for water leaks
Check all sealant top to bottom side to side
Furnace lights
Water pump builds pressure


See what a 3M eraser wheel does?


It really does take about 10 hours (or more) if you do it yourself. Plastic scrapers, heat gun, and a solvent. I have never heard about a short cut.


Pressure washer.

Source: Anyone have any special methods to remove this sun beaten front cover?

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