CBR85: I don't know why RV companies insist on such dark colors for interiors. This feels open, and bright. Makes the space seem so much bigger. Our dark grain wood, darker wallpaper, black upholstery, and black cabinets just make the space seem small.

What I am trying to say is, good job OP.

CBR85: Also, can you take more pictures of the counter extension you made. I have wanted to add one of these to my TT with a butting board block. Did you do this yourself or did your rig come with it? What hinge is used? How is it supported underneath?

DarnHeather: So cute! Would love to see more photos including before and after. What model is this? What did you use on the table top?

joe652: The dark colors are used to help cover the junk they used to build the units.

iwtwyad: Looks like you flipped your cabinet doors? I saw that in a reno on YouTube. We're about to start sanding and painting ourselves and were thinking of going that route. Did you have any trouble with the hinges?

drugsarebadmkay303: Very cute! Did you use epoxy on the counter tops?

Source: Almost done with our reno!!! Just a few finishing touches left (solar panels, kitchen backsplash, etc.) but good enough to get on the road for the weekend.

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