After driving 1,200 miles through a blizzard and in sub-zero temperatures, we’ve had it with winter. We’re officially throwing in the towel. It’s time to head to Florida.

Driving in a Blizzard – RV Lifestyle

We have officially had our fill with winter.  It’s time to move on – to Florida for starters. We just returned from a 1,200 mile trip from Manitoba – The RV lifestyle

  • See you in Naples
  • Us too!
  • Florida needs to be bigger, it’s packed with RVs……(too tight for me)
  • No way in h I …would ever drive my RV in any snow …..
  • Why drive in it
  • I feel for you. This is only my second winter as a Snowbird but I’m loving it. We’ve been in Florida since early November (all over the state) and have had a great time. Head on down!
  • Hope you find a place to stay seems like its hard to find sites! Safe travels
  • What are you driving now ?
  • It’s the wind that gets to you
  • When in the middle of a river, it is equal distance to the banks. The choice is swim back from where you came, or forward to new experiences.
  • Agreed. About had enough!
  • What are you driving?
  • Did you have to winterize your rv
  • Florida is full. I have lived here my whole life and it sucks having to always book my sites 11 months out. Go home!
  • Come on down! The weather here is awesome!
  • Should have parked until blizzard passed!!!????
  • Fantastic weather down here in Arcadia today. 79F!!
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