ACS50P ActiveStart 50 Amp SoftStart with Enhanced EMS, and Surge Protection

by Jerry Neal | Jan 27, 2024

The New Active Controls ACS50P ActiveStart 50 Amp SoftStart with Enhanced EMS, and Surge Protection

We are a big fan of surge and energy management for our Montana 5th wheel. With over 10 years of RV travel, we’ve seen to many instances where sever weather or poor power systems in the campground can cause damage to the electronic and appliances in an RV. Adding to RV power challenges are those times when an RV is required to operate on 30 amp campground power or a small to midsize generator. 30 amp power can be especially challenging for RVs with a 50 amp need when attempting to power multiple air conditioners and residential refrigerators either constantly tripping breakers or the generator shutting off due to power overload. The good news is softstart devices are available to reduce air conditioner surge minimizing amperage demand and preventing overloads on 30 amp power. The issue of purchasing multiple power management devices for an RV is the overall cost to purchase a surge protector with energy management, multiple softstart devices, and then the cost for installation. The good news is Active Controls has created their new ActiveStart 50 Amp SoftStart with Enhanced EMS, and Surge Protection in a plug-in device that is very cost effective.

How we use the new ACS50P ActiveStart 50 Amp SoftStart

ACS50P ActiveStart SoftStart Spec Sheet We have experienced a number of times when we were out of power in a campground due to bad weather. We also have the ability to stay overnight in Harvest Host locations where an RV must be self-contained. For these instances, especially during the hot Summer months, we need to run a 3500 watt gasoline generator to power our air conditioners and microwave. We also like to stay in state parks and many times 30 amp power is all that is available. For these instances we want to have our air conditioners equipped with a softstart preventing an overload on the 30 amp power due to effects of the compressor start up.

Active Controls has created a unique product for RV travel, the ActiveStart 50 Amp SoftStart with enhanced EMS, and Surge Protection model ACS50P. This device plugs into the campground power pedestal or a portable generator along with the RV power cord. For the 50 amp power, the ACS50P is equipped with 2 softstarts, one for each the L1 and L2 power circuits. The ACS50P eliminates the need and installation costs to install dedicated softstart to the RV air conditioners.

We also have the benefit of the ACS50P’s very capable surge protection. The unit’s surge protection is rated at 5250 Joules, one of the highest rating in the RV industry for a plug in device.

This new release of the ACS50P is controlled with an easy to navigate Bluetooth smartphone app that now has a number of enhancements for the energy management including:

  • Over Voltage Limits: 132 VAC per leg
  • Under Voltage Limits: 103 VAC per leg
  • Surge Protection: 5250 Joules
  • Current: Maximum nominal= 50 Amps
  • Over Current Limits: ACS50xx = 53A
  • Disable EMS function
  • Disable SoftStart for high amperage devices
  • Plug LEDs validating 50 Amp power connection

Click the spec sheet for more information.

Testing the new ACS50P ActiveStart 50 Amp SoftStart

We tested the ACS50P on both a 50 Amp campground power pedestal and our 3500 watt generator. In the video below we show the values provided by the Bluetooth app during operation. The ACS50P gave the condition of the 50 Amp power along with the power demand within our RV.

We then connected the ACS50P to our 3500 watt generator. The generator is rated to a max of 30 amps total output. The ACS50P did a great job allowing us to run both 15000 BTU air conditioners and our residential refrigerator with power to spare for TVs and our cellular Internet router.


The ACS50P ActiveStart 50 Amp SoftStart with enhanced EMS, and Surge Protection is an excellent device to consider for 50 Amp powered RVs operating on 30 Amp campground power or small generators. And with the added benefit of surge protection and energy management, the ACS50P provides a cost effect solution for RV power needs.

And for those RV that are equipped with 30 Amp or 20 Amp power, Active Controls also offers the 20 Amp and 30 Amp ActiveStart plug-in units.

We have provided helpful links below the video for more information about the ACS50P along with the checkout code “Jerry” for additional savings at purchase.

ACS50P ActiveStart 50 Amp softstart plug

Helpful Links:

Active Controls ActiveStart Soft Start

Use code Jerry at checkout for discount.

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Source: ACS50P ActiveStart 50 Amp SoftStart with Enhanced EMS, and Surge Protection

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