Really considering it. Should I get it?


It looks immaculate. But look very very closely.


Make sure it has the 6 lug nut rear end. The 5 lug were prone to fail not always but it’s a safety hazard. Also really check for water damage. The things almost 40 years old and a lot can happen in that time. I had one with the 22r engine and it’s not a powerful engine so don’t expect to go anywhere fast or up mountains in any other lane than the truck lane


I need to know the 0-60 time of this thing.


Don’t do it.


That looks clean, but first check the roof!!!! Also, is it a 4 cylinder or a 6? Usually, the rear door means it has a rear kitchen. It looks like the rear is a 6lug, but make sure if you count five that a deal breaker unless you got the skills to swap out the whole diff. How many miles and what’s the price ?


Those are nice little rigs. I looked at one for $2K in nice condition. Everything worked. There was too much oil seepage and I did not feel like having to rebuild an engine. Then there is the weak axle hub thing mentioned here if you have the low end hub or whatever. If it is cheap enough, it might be fine for local use or just a limited trip out West where you can plan the low power mountain climbs around traffic.

I think there is a bias her for massive power and huge trailers here but I would grab that in a minute if I knew the mechanicals were in good condition.

It is a Toyota and looked easy to work on. My friend had a Dodge Falcon and I hated working on that thing.

I eventually ended up buying new 17 foot coach to pull with my 3.6 Subaru outback. Overall it is not a powerful or fast rig so I keep it slow and plan around traffic.

Wish you the best with your apprenticeship.


LS swap?

Source: ‘86 Toyota Dolphin

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