1. Take More Trips

Take time to make time for more trips.  If you need things fixed on your RV get it done in the off season with plenty of time before camping season.  If you are looking at popular campgrounds make sure to book well in advance to get that desired spot you’ve always wanted.  Some campgrounds book months (even years) in advance, when it comes to prime location campsites the extra early bird will get the worm.

2. Use A Map 

Go back to the old school ways of navigating (if you have a passenger present).  Take out the classic trusty map and navigate your way to a destination without the GPS.  According to researchers when we use GPS, we remember less about the places we go, and put less work into generating our own internal picture of the world.  Make it a goal this year to experience RVing the way we used to and don’t miss out on your own internal picture of the world.

3. Explore New Places

Being an RV owner gives you a level of freedom that many dream of.  Don’t fall in a rut of visiting the same places over and over, year after year.  Although we love a good find and the nostalgia that comes with visiting certain places sometimes you have to get back to the foundation of RVing and the freedom to explore!  Here are some lists that have great ideas of places to visit:

50 Waterfront Campgrounds Across U.S

10 RV Vacations You Need To Take Right Now

Top 10 RV Destinations 2016

4. Document Your Travels

Time is a luxury that comes with the RVing lifestyle, so why not use it to share your journey with those who are stuck behind desk somewhere dreaming of the kind of adventure you’re living!  Even better take the time to write in a travel diary and document your daily experiences, activities and places visited.  Nowadays anything in writing is truly a gift, since we rarely see ones handwriting anymore instead it’s a fancy font.

5. Leave Technology Behind

Much easier said than done; but if you can muster up the courage to forego the devices for at least one day you experience a whole new style of camping.  Some people practice this regularly on camping trips which is commendable, for the rest of us letting go of the technology to wake up and “smell the roses” does not come so easy.  The reward?  A day of uninterrupted human to human communication (or maybe human to nature) and connecting with the environment around you.

6. Add a “POP” of Color 

In 2016 add a little spice to your RV by sprucing it up with some new pillows, curtains, rugs and throws.  All of these things can be bought inexpensively, involve very little work to complete and make a HUGE difference in the look of your space.

7. Travel the byways

Instead of taking the turnpike or freeway to make better time use America’s byways to get to your destination.  Byways are 150 distinct and diverse roads designated by the United States Department Of Transportation.  America’s Byways are gateways to adventures where no two experiences are the same. The National Scenic Byways Program invites you to Come Closer to America’s heart and soul…. You can search byways and plan your trip here:  http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/byways/

8. Go Green

In 2016 why not make the extra effort to give the environment a little TLC?  Make long term changes that will reduce costs and save energy like changing out your existing lights for LED, installing solar panels and cutting back on the A/C are all things that will improve the environment and your wallet.  Making simple lifestyle changes like using silverware instead of paper/plastic,  recycling your trash and shopping for more environmentally friendly products are all easy things you can do to go a little greener in 2016.

9. Keep Your RV/Campsite Clean

Although keeping your RV & campsite clean should be a given, we all know that just like our homes… things can get a little messy.  To keep the mess to a minimal make sure you place garbage/recycling bags both indoors and outside in visible places, cleaning your mess up promptly will avoid build up and place doormats at the bottom of the steps near each entry to your RV.  For more tips on how to keep your RV clean click here: RV Cleaning Tips

10. Check an item(s) off your bucket list

First off, if you’re living the RV lifestyle and don’t have a bucket list… make one.  The RVing lifestyle is one that allows you to check those boxes off faster than most.  In 2016 make an effort to really focus on that bucket list and mark those outstanding items off.  If you’ve always wanted to to have a bucket list and aren’t really sure what things to put on it here are some ideas that others have shared…

Bucket List Things To Do

Bucket List Destinations

Source: 10 Resolutions Every RVer Should Have For 2016

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